VGB (Virginia Graeme Baker Act): On October 11, 2009, Assembly Bill 1020 was signed into California State Law. This bill adds Section 116064.2 to the California Health & Safety Code and is intended to prevent suction drain entraptments and drowing. This law applies to those pools located at apartments, condomeniums, townhouses, hotels, motels, schools, health clubs, mobile home parks, medical facilities, and includes municipal, resort, and community pools.

The new law requires that all public pools be retrofitted with approved drain covers manufactured after December 19, 2008. Every suction drain on a pool must have a split (dual) drain or be equipped with a safety vacuum release system or an automatic pump shut-off system.

By July 1, 2010, owners of all public swimming pools and spas, except those listen below. Must submit a “Certificate of Compliance” form to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health, verifying that their pool meets all the provisions of the new state law. A copy of this form can be found at the end of this document.

Any swimming pools and spas with existing split drain(s) must be evaluated by a contractor to ensure full compliance with all requirements. Although, these pools and spas require retrofitting with new approved drain covers which comply withthe requirements. Each pool must be evaluated by a licensed California contractor as most will require some type of modification.

Swimming pools and spas with single main drain(s) must be retrfotted with split drains that follow the requirements, installation of an approved, unblockable drain,” and installation of a safety vacuum release or automatic pump shut-off system. Covers/grates will still need to be replaced with approved types.

Any pools not complianced by July 1, 2010 may be subjected to closer by the Department.


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